NCDCTA Labor of Love I & II Dressage

NCDCTA Labor of Love I & II Dressage
Southern Region 1 Youth Team Competition

August 29 - 30, 2015
Hunt Horse Complex
Raleigh, NC

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Welcome to the 2015 NCDCTA Labor of Love I & II Dressage Show!


TWO Shows in ONE Weekend!


Adult and Junior Equitation Divisions


Jovee Farm Ponies Adult & Junior Pony Champions
National Pony Dressage Cup Special Ribbons - Adult and Junior
Enterprise Farm AQHA High Score
American Trakehners High Score
American Hanoverian Society High Score
Saddlebred / 1/2 Saddlebred High Score
Morgan Horse High Score

Morning Breakfast Cart by NCDCTA

Afternoon Ice Cream by Fellowship Farm

High Time Photography is our official photographer and videographer for this show. sign up by calling/texting – John at 336-671-4446 or sign up at their booth in the coliseum.

Night Watch & Braiding Services provided by Kate Mcalinn. 919-478-8076 or

Golf Carts provided by Unger Carts --- call or email Brian directly to reserve yours - call early for cart discount - 919-337-7456 or

SATURDAY - Labor of Love I
All classes are run in their entirety; pinned by division

1USDF Intro A133Third 3 (GAIG Q)
2USDF Intro B141Fourth 1
3USDF Intro C 142 Fourth 2 (BLM)
1010Training 1 Opportunity143Fourth 3 (GAIG Q)
1020Training 2 Opportunity150 FEI TOC - PSG, I-1, (BLM, GAIG Q)
101Training 1160 FEI TOC - I-2, I-A, I-B, GP (BLM, GAIG Q)
102Training 2 (BLM)164Dressage Seat Equitation Jr/YR
103Training 3 (GAIG Q)165Dressage Seat Equitation Adult
1110First 1 Opportunity170Test of Choice – unlisted test
1120First 2 Opportunity180MFS USDF TOC (BLM GAIG Q)
111First 1190MFS FEI TOC (BLM, GAIG Q)
112First 2 (BLM)191Materiale - 3 yo Fillies
113First 3 (GAIG Q)192Materiale - 3 yo Colts/Geldings
121Second 1 193Materiale - 4-5 yo Mares
122Second 2 (BLM)194Materiale - 4-5 yo Colts/Geldings
123Second 3 (GAIG Q)195FEI Para TOC (lg arena)
131Third 1198NPDC Pony TOC (any test - measured ponies
132 Third 2 (BLM)199Pas De Deux

SUNDAY - Labor of Love II
All classes are run in their entirety; pinned by division

4USDF Intro A225Second Level Rider Test
5USDF Intro B231Third 1
6USDF Intro C232Third 2 (BLM)
2020Training 2 Opportunity233Third 3 (GAIG Q)
2030Training 3 Opportunity241Fourth 1
201Training 1242Fourth 2 (BLM)
202Training 2 (BLM)243Fourth 3 (GAIG Q)
203Training 3 (GAIG Q)250FEI TOC - PSG, I-1, (BLM, GAIG Q)
205Training Level Rider Test260FEI TOC - I-2, I-A, I-B, GP (BLM, GAIG Q)
2110First 1 Opportunity270Test of Choice - unlisted test
2120First 2 Opportunity280MFS USDF TOC (BLM GAIG Q)
211First 1290MFS FEI TOC (BLM, GAIG Q)
212First 2 (BLM)291Materiale - 3 yo Fillies
213First 3 (GAIG Q)292Materiale - 3 yo Colts/Geldings
215First Level Rider Test293Materiale - 4-5 yo Mares
221Second 1294Materiale - 4-5 yo Colts/Geldings
222Second 2 (BLM)295FEI Para (lg arena)
223Second 3 (GAIG Q, Dover)

Show Fees:

Intro, Opportunity, Dressage Seat Equitation Classes = $35;
Training – Fourth Classes = $45;
FEI, MFS & TOC Classes = $55;
Pas de Deux = $27.50 each;
GAIG Q – ADD $10;
USEF 'Show Pass' non-member = $30;
USEF fee per horse = $16;
USDF non-member = $25;
Office Fee = $30/entry - $40/entry for BOTH Shows – non-refundable;
Late Fee = $35/entry;
Change Fee = $10/change
Stabling: $110/weekend BOTH Shows! - includes 2 bags shavings;
$80/night ONE Show - includes 1 bag shavings;
Extra bedding - $8/bag – pay w/entry; At Show - $10/bag;
Tack - $90/weekend BOTH Shows!
$60/night ONE Show Tack Stall
Camper Hook Ups - pay facility when you check-in;
Extra nights - $20/night/stall/tack;
Non-stabled horses - $30/day;
Guest Horses – $25 office + stabling + $25 non-compete fee

Show Management Team:

2015 Judges:
Bill Solyntfes - S, Minnesota
Natalie Lamping - S, Florida
Jan Jacobson - R, North Carolina
2015 TD:
Lisa Rogers - R, North Carolina

Show Manager - Martie Healy of Equestrian Secretarial Services
Martie Healy is the founder of ESS and a member in good standing of USEF, USDF and NCDCTA. She was the owner/manager/organizer of Basingstoke Farms. Martie and husband, Bill, ran USEF/USEA events through Advanced-Intermediate, Dressage Shows and Combined Driving Events for 12 years. She earned her USEF Eventing Course Designer's license and designed and built the courses at Basingstoke Farms and other events in the US. She has over 20 years experience in organizing, managing, secretarying and scheduling events, shows, clinics and other activities - both large and small. Martie competed in Hunter/Jumpers, Eventing and Dressage and fox-hunted for many years before turning towards the administrative side of equestrian sports. She is an accomplished website designer, operating her own website design business, Basingstoke Web Designs. Basingstoke Web Designs has been producing clean, effective, well-designed websites for over 15 years.

Martie took over show management of the NCDCTA Harvest Moon Dressage Show in 2008. The NCDCTA Harvest Moon Dressage Show is the site of the NCDCTA Dressage Championships and is proving to be extremely popular. In 2010, the NCDCTA Harvest Moon Dressage Show and NCDCTA hosted the 2010 Great American/USDF Region 1 Dressage Championships and enjoyed a hugely successful Championships. NCDCTA Harvest Moon Dressage again hosted the Great American/USDF Region 1 Dressage Championships in 2012. Last year, Martie managed two shows for NCDCTA - Harvest Moon moved to an earlier date - the first weekend in October and NCDCTA Autumn Leaves took over the old Harvest Moon date of the first weekend in November and hosted the 2013 BLMs - a very prestigous and popular regional championship.

Martie provides complete secretarial services for many dressage shows every year. She is the Secretary for Dressage At Lexington - the largest dressage show in the US outside of championship shows. Martie also provides a 'Show in a Box' to smaller dressage shows across the nation. For a full list of ESS shows, please see the home page of this website.

Staff Coordinator - Olga Wagner
Olga is the former Show Manager for the NCDCTA Capital Dressage Classic and the NCDCTA Labor Of Love shows. Olga has now taken on the duties of facility liason and staff coordinator for the NCDCTA shows as well as acting as the Show Secretary for the NCDCTA Summer Highland Fling. Olga is also an accomplished artist with a website presence of Cat Claws Studio.

NCDCTA Junior Show Scholarships!

In order to encourage juniors of all levels to take advantage of our state's competitive dressage environment, NCDCTA is pleased to offer scholarships to up to four junior riders (riders 18 and under as of December 31, 2015) at each of its four shows in 2015 . Each scholarship will cover the cost of four classes, one stall, and a shared tack stall. This application, due by the show's opening date, will be reviewed by a committee of NCDCTA board members. Applicants do not need to be NCDCTA members. Scholarship criteria include enthusiasm, thoughtfulness in application, and dedication to competition as part of ongoing education in dressage. Recipients will be responsible for the cost of classes beyond four, as well as the office fee, the USEF drug fee, and any other applicable fees, including but not limited to the USDF/GAIG qualifying fee and non-member fees. Decisions and entry procedures will be announced before the show's closing date.

GO HERE to apply - deadline for Labor of Love Scholarship Application is July 20, 2015
2015 Vendors

High Time Photography - Official Show Photographer and Videographer

Windcroft Farm Custom Saddlery
Visit our Website!

Paradise Farm & Tack
Visit our Website!

M & M tack
Visit our Website!

Adult and Junior Dressage Equitation Division

Sponsored by M&M Tack

Offered at Training, First and Second Levels.

The Equitation Division is made up of 2 classes: the Dressage Seat Equitation and the Rider Test. 3 entries at a level will fill the Division and will allow for a separate DSE class – less than 3 at a level will be combined with the next level. Scores from the Rider Test and the DSE will be totaled to find the Division Champion and Reserve. Special ribbons and Championship Prize for each Division. USEF AA status not required, but by entering the Equitation Division, competitors declare themselves as Amateurs according to USEF GR 808.


Training, First, Second, Third, Fourth, PSG, I-1, I-2, and GP

Open, AA, Jr/YR Champions & Reserve Special Ribbons & Champion Prize

No Extra Fee! Must ride in both shows.

Training thru 2nd Levels – ride 2 tests Sat and 1 Sun – at the level, low score dropped

3rd thru FEI Levels – ride 1 regular test each day – at the level, no dropped scores

Your two scores (at the level) are averaged to find Division Score for Champion and Reserve.


Back by Popular Demand

Youth Team Sign Up Form

There are no qualifying scores needed to enter. A team can be 3 or 4 riders. You may enter as part of a team or as an individual, and be put on a mixed team. A team may represent a dressage club, farm, barn, instructor, Pony Club, 4-H club, any youth riding club, or be a group of individuals. Any individual or partial team needing team members is encouraged to send in their entry and a mixed team will be formed. To enter, send in the official 2014 Entry Form for the rider and a Team Competition Entry Blank with the names of the team members.

Each competitor will ride two tests in their division. All Tests will be ridden on Saturday. Riders competing in FEI divisions will only ride one test.

Note: Age restrictions are: Child Rider: 13 years & younger; Junior Rider: 16 years & younger; Junior/Young Rider (Jr/Yr): 14-21 years; FEI Young Rider: 16-21 years.

1. Scoring: All scores from each team member will be counted. No scores will be dropped. Eliminated ride will be counted as 25%. Total percentage from each team member will be added together and divided by the number of team members to compute team placing. Bonus points from Team Games will be added to final score! Three and four member teams may be in the same division. Tests (and ribbons for individual classes) may be picked up at the Show Office once the class is completed.

2. Awards: USDF Team medals on neck ribbons will be awarded for first through sixth place in each division. Placing will be determined by the average of the team's total score. USDF rosettes will be awarded to the Individual High Score Champion and Reserve in each division. Trophies for all members of first place team in each division. Other awards will be presented throughout the weekend. NOTE: Riders will be expected to participate in the mounted awards ceremonies dressed in safe riding attire.

3 Awards Ceremonies: The time and order of awards ceremonies will listed in the show program and will be posted in the show office. Awards ceremonies will be held in the Coliseum Arena. Teams will line up in reverse order (6th thru 1st) along the outside of the large arena and enter as directed through the side door. Medals and ribbons will be distributed at this time. One team at a time will enter the arena and complete the victory lap. That team will exit through the small warm up arena and the next team will enter. All others should wait outside, well off the main road, until their division is called. At all times during the awards ceremonies, safety is of utmost importance. If a horse is unruly or upset, the rider may either lead it into the arena, taking care to stay clear of other horses and leaving before the victory lap, or attend un-mounted but in show attire. Young children and novice riders should have an adult available to hold/lead their horse or pony.

Youth Team Activities:

During the three day competition we are offering several education activities geared towards the Youth Team Members. You are welcome to participate in as many of these activates as you would like. Note: Additional activities might be added as time permits.

A. Cover Art Contest (Deadline August 3, 2015) A drawing or photo by anyone under 18 will be chosen for the cover of the Show Program. The artist does not have to be entered in the show. Other artwork submitted but not chosen for the cover will also be included inside the Program. Drawings may be mailed or sent electronically. All drawings should be no larger than 8" x 11", must be vertical (like the front of a book) and in black/white. Color photos may be submitted but will be printed in black/white. Photos must be vertical and sent electronically at 300 dpi at 100% of the size; if it is a smaller photo, the resolution needs to be higher. Do not include words or numbers in drawings, but do sign them at the bottom. Include your name, hometown and age written on the back of the drawings or in the email. Snail mail to: Martie Healy, 4307 NW 58th Ave., Gainesville, FL 32653 – must be RECEIVED by deadline.

B. Veterinary Lecture/Demonstration. This educational activity will be scheduled for Friday afternoon in order to aid the young competitor in preparation for their competition day.

C. Youth GAMES: Add bonus points to your Team Score! Scavenger Hunt, Dressage Trivia and more – check show website for all details.
Dressage Trivia –

• Open to ALL (kids of all ages!) as individuals or put together a team!
• YTC Teams will compete in Dressage Trivia as a TEAM to earn BONUS POINTS which will be added to their YTC scores.
• Trivia Questions will cover dressage topics as well as general horse and equitation topics.
• Trivia Questions will be available in the Show Office starting Friday at 3pm.
• ALL Trivia Answers must be turned in to the Show Office by 3pm on Saturday.
• Research IS allowed!

Scavenger Hunt –

• Open to all KIDS (18 yrs and younger) – compete as an individual or put together a team!
• YTC Teams will compete in the Scavenger Hunt as a TEAM to earn BONUS POINTS which will be added to their YTC scores.
• Scavenger Hunt Sheets (list of items) will be available in the Show Office starting Friday at 3pm.
• ALL Scavenger Hunt Items must be turned in to the Show Office by 3pm on Saturday.

Special PRIZES in both the Dressage Trivia and the Scavenger Hunt. Prizes will be awarded Saturday afternoon.

D. Decorate Your Stalls – In an effort to foster teamwork we would like to see the team members working together to decorate their stalls. Stalls will be judged and awards will be given out on Saturday afternoon.

E. Parade of Teams: Parade of all teams prior to award ceremony. Teams will be judged on “Best Team Spirit Attire”. Decorating of horse and rider encouraged!

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