Jovee Pony Championships
2022 Jovee Pony Qualified List
The Jovee Pony Farm Championships will be held at the Made In The Shade II Dressage Show on Aug. 16, 2022. This year, the entry fees to the Championship classes (performance and breed) for those qualified is either/both an Unopened Toy and/or $30. All toys will be donated to "Toys For Tots" 2022 North Carolina Campaign.

Completing one Jovee Pony Farm TOC class or one Jovee Pony Farm In-Hand class qualifies the pony/rider combination for the Championships.

Full Details can be found HERE.
2022 Jovee Pony Championships
Qualified List - 5/20/2022
Taylor AllenHS Khozmik Enkhanted+++//Jr Performance
Mary Beckett HillsGlitterbombJr Performance
Keri BlizniakPhable of RapunzelBreed
Deborah BransonHidden Springs Bosa NovaAA Performance
Claire CappellaMcDreamyAA Performance
Emeraude DandurandSBF Hershey NougatOpen Performance
Ashley DimmetteSBF Donna DelinaOpen Performance
April FooteSiri AmberattaAA Performance
Delia FrenzelExpedition EverestJr Performance
Lillian FrenzelDark SideJr Performance
Hayden KaneK5 WeeBiscuitJr Performance
Janice LaubeScafellpike's Jive Talkin'AA Performance
Jodi LeesIndigoOpen Performance
Markley MainAmosJr Performance
Jody MorseBorealis BlumeAA Performance
Kathy NektonBinghamAA Performance
Marianne PriceFionaAA Performance
Ginger ReidSweet CarolineAA Performance
Gali RogersKitsune PAOpen Performance
Lisa SamuelCorgi Hill BensonAA Performance
Sarah SharpeBuckyOpen Performance
Annissa SlusherMarvelous Ms MapleAA Performance
Ann YanneyForest FernOpen Performance
2022 Jovee Small Horse Championships
Qualified List - 4/16/2022
RiderSmall Horse
Heather MehalDark Knight
Harper KaneCatalina
Greyson FoxMS's Jordan
Amanda MartynDEM Luna
Nielly QuinonesBe With Me
Deanne CorbyRomantisch
Jessie SpragueHarley
Lillian DavisDecathlon
Adalene BlaighNotario Interagro
Margie BlaikCoulee Bend Immportality

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